Energy Re-D/Scovered

A safe and stable power supply has long contributed to the vitality of Taiwan. It is D/S ONE's mission to introduce behind-the-scenes stories about electricity and to provide visitors with diverse interactive experiences that inspire a green energy future. D/S ONE energizes visitors by putting the connection between the public and electricity in a new light.


What's in a Name?

Located on New Taipei City’s Xianmin Boulevard, Taipower’s former Hsin-Min Power Application Service & Maintenance Center was reborn in 2019 as Taiwan’s very first exhibition venue dedicated to green energy. The name "D/S" originally comes from the power industry’s abbreviation for Distribution Substation, but has been adapted and given a new meaning: Design/Sustainability. The new name embodies Taipower's determination to rebrand and promote energy sustainability. Meanwhile, "ONE" represents both the venue’s street address (at No.1 Xianmin Blvd.) and signifies a brand new starting point. D/S ONE is here to make a difference in energy sustainability.


In the Light of Ideas

"Green, Smart, and the Future" are themes at the core of TAIPOWER D/S ONE's curation, projects, editorials, and educational programs. Leading artists, designers and energy educators gather here to generate unlimited creative output. Visitors are invited to explore energy issues in different lights, thereby gaining knowledge and insights.


The Creative Minds Behind D/S ONE

Curated by Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd., D/S ONE is the brainchild of a number of outstanding and talented individuals. These include architect Kung, Shu-Chang, art consultant Chang, Kuang-Min,music director Lin Chung, as well as creative teams Maker Bar, 23 Design, Ultra Combos, Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc., A Copy of A Copy, and WHITEr Design Studio. These leading experts have all contributed to the birth of this innovative exhibition venue for green energy.

Organizer|Taiwan Power Company
Curating Team|Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd.+Kung, Shu-Chang
Chief Consultant|Chang, Kuang-Min
Music Director|Lin Chung
Space Design|Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd.
Interactive Design|23Design、Ultra Combos
Installation Art|FabCraft Design Lab
CI Design|WHITEr Design Studio
Website Design|A Copy of A Copy Co., Ltd.
Manipulator|Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc., BEFU Co., Ltd